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US-2004003849-A1: Actuator for a fluid valve patent, US-2004031751-A1: Organic waste treatment method patent, US-2004075512-A1: Device for filtering electromagnetic waves patent, US-2004086452-A1: Method of producing ferroelectric metal oxide crystalline particle patent, US-2004100912-A1: Managing tone clamping in a network patent, US-2004109815-A1: Carbon nanotube array and method for making same patent, US-5685645-A: Roll balance sub-ambient pressure air bearing slider patent, US-2004117113-A1: Updating routing and traffic flow data and vehicle navigation device patent, US-2004147436-A1: Factor VIII polypeptide patent, US-2004182774-A1: Spiral separation membrane element patent, US-2004186426-A1: Blood collecting syringe with retractable needle patent, US-2004203632-A1: Mobile telephone answer delay system patent, US-2004217273-A1: Ambient pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) apparatus and method of analysis patent, US-2004265564-A1: Resin-molded component and method for manufacturing thereof as well as diaphragm for loudspeaker patent, US-2005090683-A1: Preparation of 2,3,3',4' -biphenyltetracarboxylic acid tetraester patent, US-2005092595-A1: Ion gauge condition detector and switching circuit patent, US-2005109290-A1: Multi-cylinder engine patent, US-2005132814-A1: Semiconductor pressure sensor and pressure sensing device patent, US-2005153105-A1: Multilayer structure and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2005157363-A1: Multilayer torsional hinged mirror with a recessed drive/sensing permanent magnet patent, US-2005197547-A1: Spontaneous adverse events reporting patent, US-2005218854-A1: Barrier movement operator including timer to close feature patent, US-2005288496-A1: Mono- and bis-hydrazone pigments patent, US-2006044565-A1: Light irradiation apparatus, crystallization apparatus, crystallization method, semiconductor device and light modulation element patent, US-2006054970-A1: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2006058366-A1: Jnk inhibitor patent, US-2006069698-A1: Method and arrangement for editing and displaying information patent, US-2006073494-A1: Electronic hybridization assay and sequence analysis patent, US-2006181758-A1: Spatial light modulator patent, US-2006199000-A1: Electrophotographic recording material patent, US-2006242565-A1: System and method for handling absolute positioning in a small screen optimized layout patent, US-2007070406-A1: Image-forming apparatus, image-forming method, and computer product patent, US-2007174556-A1: Methods and apparatus for reducing command reissue latency patent, US-2007177220-A1: Image reading device and an image forming apparatus patent, US-2007182436-A1: Technique for offsetting signal lines from the glass weave of resin/glass materials patent, US-2007218201-A1: Continuous Thermal Vacuum Deposition Device and Method patent, US-2007252757-A1: Positioning device, positioning control method, and recording medium patent, US-2007297538-A1: Dual carrier modulation (DCM) demapping method and demapper patent, US-2008016613-A1: Illuminated shower hook patent, US-2008058279-A1: Ester-Linked Gemini Surfactant Compounds for Use in Gene Therapy patent, US-2008076917-A1: Intermediates of 2-Substituted Carbapenem Derivatives and Process for Production Thereof patent, US-2008081756-A1: Thermally Insulating Glass Material Functioning as a Capillary Water Suction Barrier and Method for its Manufacture patent, US-2008090769-A1: Treatment of psoriasis through down-regulation of the egf-receptor with topically applied egf patent, US-2008119493-A1: 5,6-Dialkyl-7-Aminotriazolopyrimidines, their Preparation and their Use for Controlling Harmful Fungi, and Compositions Comprising these Compounds patent, US-2008124629-A1: Electrodes for electrical power accumulators patent, US-2008175473-A1: Device and method of estimating image signal noise and apparatus and method of converting image signal using the same patent, US-2008208444-A1: Methods for obtaining a navigation track between a first and a second location based on location information shared between peer devices and related devices and computer program products patent, US-2008228473-A1: Method and apparatus for adjusting hearing intelligibility in mobile phones patent, US-2008288210-A1: Apparatus and method for monitoring device condition and computer readable medium patent, US-2008292111-A1: Headset for Blocking Noise patent, US-2009013392-A1: Network Information Protection Method and Storage Medium patent, US-2009041067-A1: Engineered nonlinear optical crystal composites for frequency conversion patent, US-2009074619-A1: Device for measuring total organic carbon patent, US-2009080702-A1: Method for the recognition of obstacles patent, US-2009093643-A1: Process for Production of Benzyloxypyrrolidine Derivative, and Process for Production of Hydrochloride Salt Powder of Optically Active Benzyloxypyrrolidine Derivative patent, US-2009100229-A1: Method for Increasing Cache Directory Associativity Classes in a System With a Register Space Memory patent, US-2009163003-A1: Manufacturing method of self-separation layer patent, US-2009172988-A1: Indication brand assembly patent, US-2009265283-A1: Systems and Methods for Ranking Investors and Rating Investment Positions patent, US-2009282232-A1: Memory device boot command patent, US-2009297881-A1: Steel sheet with hot dip galvanized zinc alloy coating and process to produce it patent, US-2009302713-A1: Piezo actuator comprising a multilayer encapsulation, and method for the production thereof patent, US-2009308581-A1: Heat sink patent, US-2009315396-A1: Power Supply System, Vehicle With The Same, Temperature Rise Control Method Of Power Storage Device And Computer-Readable Recording Medium Bearing Program For Executing Computer To Perform Temperature Rise Control Of Power Storage Device patent, US-2010069832-A1: Intelligent medical device system dynamics for biological network regulation patent, US-2010085655-A1: Recording/reproducing system, recording/reproduction method, program, and recording medium patent, US-2003221311-A1: Fuel cell assembly and sealing patent, US-2003233879-A1: Method of detecting discontiuities on elongated workpieces patent, US-2004000706-A1: Semiconductor device, semiconductor package, and method for testing semiconductor device patent, US-2004045328-A1: Tamper resistant lock patent, US-2004106427-A1: Control device with remote control of a cellular phone for a component of the cabin in a motor vehicle patent, US-2004162854-A1: Image processing apparatus facilitating information management patent, US-2004164310-A1: Light-emitting device patent, US-2004172644-A1: Optical head apparatus and optical disk apparatus using this optical head apparatus patent, US-2004220886-A1: Communication signal resource chain assignment for optical networks subject to reach constraints patent, US-2005000949-A1: Heating device and heating method patent, US-2005001774-A1: Flexible multi-cladded metallic tape for forming parabolic shaped magnetic field and energy deflecting devices patent, US-2005055356-A1: Display system and method for image overlapping patent, US-2005090863-A1: Impact tool motor coil patent, US-2005148391-A1: Poker dealing device incorporated with digital recorder system patent, US-2005177527-A1: Transaction management tool patent, US-2005182954-A1: Methods, systems, computer program products, and data structures for limiting the dissemination of electronic email patent, US-2005183304-A1: Hoisting, retention and removal apparatus for banners, signs and like patent, US-2005228345-A1: Single-use safety injector structure patent, US-2005260968-A1: Demodulating device patent, US-2006014360-A1: Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2006051551-A1: Pressure-sensitive adhesion-processed sheet patent, US-2006054993-A1: Semiconductor device having fuse with protection capacitor patent, US-2006089006-A1: Metal oxide layer formed on substrates and its fabrication methods patent, US-2006104848-A1: Method for manufacturing Fe-based sintered alloy member having excellent dimensional accuracy, strength and sliding performance patent, US-2006133949-A1: Moulded AL-SI-CU aluminium alloy component with high hot-process resistance patent, US-2006152249-A1: Configuration circuit for programmable logic devices patent, US-2006188385-A1: Low co hydrogen occlusion alloy patent, US-2006229012-A1: Bluetooth mobile phone having a detachable bluetooth earpiece patent, US-2006270579-A1: Use in a machine dishwashing and rinsing composition of an amphoteric copolymer as soil antiredeposition agent patent, US-2006293096-A1: Hinge mechanism of folding type information processing unit patent, US-2006294423-A1: System and method for debugging an application patent, US-2007012341-A1: Supercritical fluid delivery system for semiconductor wafer processing patent, US-2007048242-A1: Water Washable Hair Removal (Depilatory) Compositions patent, US-2007054812-A1: Method and thermodynamic inhibitors of gas hydrates in water-based fluids patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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